Yuki Mizushima
水嶼 ゆき
Pingy Kisekae Remake
How he appears.

Full Name

Pingy K. Kun


13 - 14 (14 in real life)


Igor the Mii, Nico Yazawa (crush), Honoka Kousaka, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Eli Ayase


Bowser, Antasma, Jigen-Kuchiku-kan, Shrek, Yandere-Chan, Mima, Tomako Kutsubari

Yuki Mizushima (水嶼 恕 Mizushima Yuki?) is an OC created by Pingy Animatronic. He is the self-insert of Pingy.


Maki Nishikino

The two doesnt get along very well, similar to her relationship with Bowser Jr, but worse, due to Pingy trying to flirt with Maki.

Nico Yazawa

Pingy's girlfriend, likes her alot.


Pingy's personality is similar to Nico Yazawa's, since they both have abrasive sides, but when they take their alternate personality, they become happy, they can be both ignored, they both want attention, he is rarely perverted, examples like when he sees Maki Nishikino, and he says she's hot, which results him to flirt with her, but fails terribly.