Wet Bass is a side story of the Flowering Sunshine dimension.

Plot Summary

What if Iason never actually confessed to Umi? While in a Sakuragaoka High School Festival, The Inabi Twins decide to visit the light music club room, where Iason met the members of Ho-kago Tea Time. Upon getting interested on Mio, he starts a conversation, and as the days pass, Iason and Mio have  a mutal crush on each other.



  • [The story begins with Iason and Nina heading to the Sakuragaoka High School Festival.]
  • Nina: "Iason...the festival is there...!" [she walks into the school grounds]
  • Iason: "Geez, sister! Wait for me!" [he follows Nina]
  • [Nina walks into inside the school, while Iason continues following her]
  • Nina: "Let's g-go to the light music club...!"