Waluigi Valuidzhi




Wario, Wapeach, Wadaisy, Boshi

Waluigi Valuidzhi is a fictional character from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. He is the arch-rival of Luigi. He also has an on-again-off-again relationship with Wario.

Waluigi made his debut in Mario Tennis. He has a tendancy of making his eyes glow an evil purple, confirming his status as an antagonist. This is further evidenced in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix (or Dancing Stage Mario Mix in the UK) where he was the main antagonist.

Waluigi mainly appears in Mario Sports, and the Mario Party series since Mario Party 3. He has also appeared in the Mario Kart series since Mario Kart: Double Dash with the exception of Mario Kart 7.

Waluigi is considered to be a Wario Series character despite not appearing in any of the Wario Series games.

In the media, he received many negative reviews due to his moustache making him look like Dick Dastardly. He is also criticised for having the looks of a serial killer.

In Mario Tennis Aces, Waluigi will receive a brand new sports outfit alongside Mario, Luigi and Wario.

Voice Actor

In all the games he has appeared in, Waluigi is voiced by Charles Martinet, whom also voices Mario, Luigi and Wario.


  • His name, if literally translated, is Bad Luigi.