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Wadaisy Rose

Also known as

Dark Princess Daisy


Wario, Waluigi, Wapeach, Boshi

Princess Wadaisy Rose (known in the Fantendo Realm as Warudeiji, nicknamed Rose) is a Fanon Character whom exists exclusively in the Fantendo Realm. Just like Wapeach, Wadaisy was also designed by Team-Eva of Fantendo.

In the Fantendo Realm

In the fantendo realm, Wadaisy is known by her nickname of Rose, and wears a red dress with a black rose.

In Fanon

In FanonLand, Wadaisy has a dress similar to Princess Peach with a large daisy for a brooch. Thanks to Wario, Wadaisy also took part in tennis tournaments using one of Princess Peach's stolen Tennis Rackets.

Her tennis design has caused controversy as Wadaisy does not wear any undergarments.


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