Shinki falls back as her last puppet was knocked out by an attack of one of your puppets.

"No...This CAN'T be! This CAN'T be their end!" Shinki says in a desperate voice. You ask what Shinki means with "Their end".

"I...I was helping Yukari-nee. Helping her on protecting three people." She responds.

You ask her that it doesn't answer your question.

"Without Yukari-nee around, someone needed to protect her associates, whom are Honoka, Seitekina and Sans. Without Yukari-nee, i was left to protect her associates, now that you have defeated me in battle, i cannot keep on and keep defending them. Until Yukari-nee returns, they're defendle-" Shinki tries to explain, but is interrupted by a scream. "W-what was that?" She asks.

You feel that it happened outside the palace of Makai, so you tell Shinki that it has happend outside of the Palace of Makai. She runs out of the Palace and you eventually follow her. Yuki, Mai and Yumeko also follow Shinki.

Outside the Palace, Shinki, Yuki, Mai and Yumeko noticed 3 people laying in the ground, whom 2 of them had a pool of blood around them. 

"W-what happened?!" Shinki asks desperately.

"S-something...cough...hit us...i don't know what was it...but...its blow was really fatal..." Seitekina says weakly.

"No...This CANNOT be! Yukari-nee's Associates are dying!" Shinki desperately yells.

"I'm sorry...but we must part...Goodbye..." Honoka says to Shinki before closing her eyes as soon her heart stoles beating. Seitekina's heart also stops beating.

"i suppose this is the end...see ya." Sans says to Shinki and Co. before turning in dust, and his monster soul snaps in half before breaking into several pieces, thus killing Sans.

"No....Nooo....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Shinki let out a despair scream over Seitekina, Honoka and Sans' deaths. She begins to cry as well.

You pat Shinki in the back and say that everything will be alright after this.

So does Yuki.

And Mai.

And Yumeko.

You tell Shinki that someday, she'll find a way to revive Seitekina, Honoka and Sans.

"Lady Shinki, it'll be all alright. We'll find a method to revive them, as [your name] said.

Shinki's crying begins to reduce.

"Y-you're right, i'll find a way to revive them someday..." She says.

Mai, Yumeko, Yuki and YOU all hug Shinki, she hugs them and you back.