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Treatment 2 - Black Gorn is a fanfiction written by GensokyoAngel. It is a sequel to Treatment. In this fanfiction, Eirin Yagokoro murders Kazuto Kirigaya and Nico Yazawa.


Eirin Yagokoro, who worked in Misama Hospital, had a mixed-to-bad reputation since a nurse named Compa had discovered the rotting corpses of Shauna and MEIKO, but there was no links that Eirin Yagokoro had commited such murder. This day, she's waiting for her next pair of victims, and she was waiting in front of the hospital.

"Ugh...When they will arrive?" Eirin Yagokoro said to herself. Reisen walks out of the hospital. "Master, what you're waiting for?" Reisen asks Eirin. "My next victims." Eirin responds.

"Oh, really?" Reisen asks again. "Yup." Eirin once again responds. "I know how to lure them here quickly." Reisen runs back inside the hospital and runs into the medicine basement, she finds Eirin's yet-to-be-tested sleep pills, she takes them and runs back outside the hospital.

"My sleep pills?" Eirin says. Reisen nods and hands Eirin them. "I know where i'll use the pills on." Eirin says with a smirk. "Who?" Reisen asks Eirin. Eirin leans on Reisen's ear. "Kazuto Kirigaya and Nico Yazawa." She whispers to Reisen.


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