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Toad Kinopio
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Male (♂)


Peach's Helper

Best Friends

Princess Peach
Princess Daisy
Princess Rosalina

Toad Kinopio is a character from the Super Mario series. He has a female counterpart named Toadette.

Toad is one of the longest serving characters in the Mario series. He is one of many Toads who protect Princess Peach from the evils of King Bowser.

But Toad himself was a damsel in distress himself in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, and Super Princess Peach, along with his friends, who were all named Toad.

This particular Toad is easily recognizable with Red spotted hat, and a Blue waist coat.

In Super Mario 3D World, Toad was wearing a Blue-spotted cap, instead of his signature Red one.

Since Mario Kart: Double Dash, Toad is nearly always paired up with Toadette.

Toad is one of the original four members of the Mario Gang alongside Luigi, Mario and Peach.

Captain Toad

Since Super Mario Galaxy, Toad has an alter-ego going by the name Captain Toad (previously Toad Brigade Captain). He is the team leader of the Toad Brigade.

Voice Actors

Toad is currently voiced by Samantha Kelly.

He was previously voiced by Jen Taylor.

The last male voice actor to voice Toad was Issac Marshall.


Toad is generally received in a positive light by critics.