The Koopalings
The Koopalings
The Koopalings from left to right: Lemmy, Wendy, Morton, Larry, Iggy, Ludwig, and Roy


Bowser Jr
Koopa Troops


Princess Peach
Princess Daisy

The Koopalings are villains from the Mario series of games. They are friends of Bowser Jr and enemies of the GoGang.

Listed below are the seven Koopalings (eight if you include Bowser Jr.) from youngest to oldest.

The Koopalings made their debutd in Super Mario Bros. 3 (later Super Mario Advance 4). Here, prior to their appearance on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, they were considered to be Bowser Jr.'s younger siblings.

List of Koopalings

  • Larry Koopa - Grass Land
  • Morton Koopa Jr. - Desert Land
  • Wendy O. Koopa - Water Land
  • Iggy Koopa - Giant Land
  • Roy Koopa - Sky Land
  • Lemmy Koopa - Ice Land
  • Ludvig von Koopa - Pipe Land

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