The Koopa Yandere is a fanfiction written by Pingy Animatronic and co-written by Igor the Mii.


Pingy the Ice Koopa and Irina Taiyo are on a love triangle for Maki Nishikino, but evenutally, Pingy is driven to murder Irina Taiyo.


It all started when Pingy finds Maki Nishikino, who is Pingy's crush, in front of his Manor, and he attempts to confess her, but Irina Taiyo stops him.

"What the hell you think you're doing, idiot?!" Irina yelled to Pingy.

"Maki is in front of my manor!" Pingy yelled back to Irina.

"So?! I'm not going to let you confess to Maki!" Irina yelled back, before walking towards Maki. "U-hm, sorry for yelling just now, i had to deal with an idiot like Pingy." She says to Maki.

"I'm trying to avoid him." Maki says. "Wanna go to my mansion?" She asks Irina.

"Sure." Irina responds, and the two walk to Maki's mansion, and Pingy goes to his Manor's kitchen room and grabs a knife.

"I cannot handle Irina anymore. I must get rid of her." He says in a somewhat monotone voice. He leaves his manor and goes straight to Maki's mansion.

When he went inside Maki's mansion.

"Time to die~" Pingy whispered to himself, before backstabbing Irina in the neck, who screams, and falls in the floor dead.

"I-Irina-chan?!" Maki turns around, and saw Irina's corpse, along with Pingy holding a knife.

"Time for playtime..." Pingy says in a monotone, evil-sounding voice, before walking towards Maki.

"W-what you're gonna do, I-idiot!?" Maki yelled.

"Time for kissing!" Pingy says in a monotone, evil-sounding voice, and he kisses Maki on the cheek.

"Huh?!" Maki said in a surprised voice.

"Wanna have a wedding with just you and me?" Pingy says.

The next day, Pingy and Maki have a wedding together.