The Adventures of Bowser Jr and Maki Nishikino is a spin-off from Super Mario, Love Live!: School Idol Project, and FanonLand: Animated Series created by the user Pingy Animatronic.


This series focuses on Bowser Jr and his legal guardian member, Maki Nishikino, however, they do not get along.


The μ's

Super Mario Characters


  1. Koopa Troops goes to Maki's House!: After their castle was torn apart by the Mario Bros, the Koopa Troops find Maki's House and they decide to stay here until their castle is rebuilt.
  2. Junior and Koopalings goes to FanonTown Burgers!: Junior, along with the Koopalings persuades Maki to take them to FanonTown Burgers, but most attempts fail.
  3. The Playdate at the Yazawa Household: Maki drops off Junior and the Koopalings on a playdate at the Yazawa Household with Nico, Cocoro, Cocoa, and Cotaro.
  4. Junior and the Koopalings goes to the Mall!: Junior and the Koopalings force Maki to take them to the Mall.
  5. The Nintendo Switch!: Bowser Junior and the Koopalings wants to get the new Nintendo Switch! But Maki wouldn't let them, which eventually leads them to persuade her multiple times.
  6. Bowser Junior plays Hockey!: Bowser Junior wants to learn how to play Hockey.
  7. Bowser Junior goes Street Racing!: Bowser Junior and the Koopalings hijacks cars and decide to go Street Racing and cause chaos.



  • This series might take place after the events of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.
  • This series was originally going to be called Bowser Jr and Maki Nishikino's Awful Adventures, but it was changed to The Adventures of Bowser Jr and Maki Nishikino.