Tamako Kitashirakawa
北白川 たもこ
Tamako front


Tamako Kitashirakawa (北白川 たもこ Kitashirakawa Tamoko?) is a Tamako Market character.


A kind and friendly girl who cares a lot for her friends, she makes friends efficiently and is shown to be idealistic with a love for mochi. Tamako is slow in catching up to love and romantic feelings from others, indicated when she hadn't known of Anko's crush on her friend, Mochizō's crush, and also Midori's.[1]

She is shown to be highly creative, always composing plans for mochi designs in her spare time. She is rather eccentric, as she had considered "butt-mochi".[2]

She doesn't appear to think very ahead into her future and doesn't have much rich desires, comfortable with settling in a life in her family's mochi shop. However, she is generally acceptable to change in contrast to her father's traditional values, as she constantly brings up modern suggestions for mochi designs to his irritation. This acceptance to change is present so as long as she is happy and familiar with her surroundings that are memorable to her, such as her refusal to leave the marketplace to marry the prince.[3][4]


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