Super Sentai

Super Sentai (スーパー戦隊) is a Japanese Show created by both Bandai and Toei. Sentai Seasons from Zyuranger onwards have been adapted into Power Rangers, starting with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Differences between Super Sentai and Power Rangers

Unlike Power Rangers, Super Sentai contains episodes where certain Rangers are killed off. Some of them are replaced, some of them are not. Super Sentai is also slightly darker than Power Rangers too. In the UK, Super Sentai would automatically be classified as a 12 due to the deaths of certain Sentai Rangers.


Below is a gallery of all of the Power Rangers that have appeared in Super Sentai.



Battle Fever J


Sun Vulcan

Goggle V




































LupinRanger vs PatRanger



Gokai Change Exclusive

This section contains pictures of Rangers that were only available as a Gokai Change in Gokaiger.

Sentai Rangers whom have died

This section contains pictures of the Rangers whom have died during the series. Only those who have had successors will have the word "Replaced" underneath their pictures. If the actor of the respective Ranger has died, their respective Rangers will also be listed as deceased as a sign of respect.

Sentai Rangers whom have been revived

This section contains pictures of Rangers whom had died, but were later revived.

Colour Debuts

  • Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink are the five main colours of Super Sentai as those five were the first five colours of the Super Sentai Gorenger.
  • JAKQ: White Ranger's debut.
  • Battle Fever J: Black Ranger and Orange Ranger's debuts.
  • MegaRanger: Silver Ranger's debut.
  • TimeRanger: Fire Ranger's debut.
  • Hurricanger: Crimson Ranger and Navy Ranger's debut.
  • DekaRanger: Gold Ranger's debut.

One-off Colours

  • DekaRanger: Only appearance of Bronze Ranger (DekaSwan)

Colour Demise

  • MagiRanger: Final appearance of Crimson Ranger.
  • Kyoryuger: Final appearance of Navy Ranger.


  • The Big One of JAKQ and The White Ranger of Changeman are the only two White Rangers that take the place of the Yellow Rangers.
  • Battle Cossack is the only Orange Ranger to take the place of the team's Yellow Ranger.
  • Sun Vulcan received negative backlash from viewers due to the fact that there were no Female Rangers on the team.
    • This was later rectified in Gokaiger via Gokai Yellow's Gokai Change.
  • Bioman gave us our first female Yellow Ranger.
    • The Yellow Ranger of Bioman is also the first female Ranger to be killed off (Melle of Gekiranger was the second).
  • Liveman gave us our first female Blue Ranger.
  • Jetman is the only series where the Black Ranger is replaced by the Green Ranger as a direct result of death.
    • Jetman is also the first Super Sentai series where the White Ranger takes the place of the team's Pink Ranger.
  • Zyuranger marked the debut of the Sixth Ranger.
    • DragonRanger Burai is also the first Sixth Ranger to die.
  • Zyuranger is also the first Super Sentai Season to be adapted into Power Rangers.
  • Kakuranger is the first Super Sentai Series since Jetman to have no Sixth Ranger.
    • This would later be repeated in Carranger, Gingaman and GekiRanger
      • GoGoV doesn't count due to it's Power Rangers counterpart having a Sixth Ranger in Titanium Ranger
      • Goseiger also doesn't count due to counting GoseiKnight as a Sixth Ranger
  • GoGoV is the first Super Sentai to have a Sixth Ranger as a Power Rangers exclusive.
  • Hurricanger: 10 years After confirmed that a new Green Ranger was found in Tenkai as a direct result of Asuka Kagura's death.
  • Dekaranger is the first Super Sentai series since Fiveman to have no skirts on the Female Rangers, though this was heavily criticised for making them far too masculine.
    • All Female Rangers have had skirts added to them since Magiranger
  • As Melle is dubbed GekiGreen by GekiRed of Gekiranger, this technically makes her the first female Green Ranger.
  • Go-Onger is the only Super Sentai series to have two Sixth Rangers.
  • Shinkenger gave us our first female Red Ranger (despite being dubbed Princess Ranger by fans)
  • Kyoryu Black is the only Black Ranger to take the place of the team's Yellow Ranger, as confirmed by the Gokai Change.
    • Likewise, in Go-Onger, Go-On Black is the only Black Ranger to take the place of the team's Pink Ranger, which was also confirmed by the Gokai Change.
  • Ninninger gave us our first official female Green Ranger despite only being in a movie.
  • Zyuohger is the first season since Ohranger to have a Black Ranger as a Sixth Ranger.
  • Kyuranger is the only Super Sentai series (so far) to start off with NINE Power Rangers instead of the usual four or five Rangers (even though Yellow, Green and Black were the first three Rangers on-screen, and the fact that it took five episodes for all nine of them to be successfully recruited).
  • Out of all the Super Sentai Ranger deaths, only two of them (so far) have been female. The last Ranger to die was in KyuRanger's Champ, the Black Ranger of the KyuRangers (prior to his revival).
    • Champ, prior to his revival, was the first Ranger since Torin of Kyoryuger to be killed off.
  • LupinRanger vs PatRanger is the only Super Sentai series to have two Super Sentai teams; the latter is the first Super Sentai team to have neither a Yellow Ranger nor a Blue Ranger, therefore the first ever Super Sentai team with no Blue Ranger.
    • LupinRanger vs PatRanger is also the first Sentai series that does not have an Ending Theme.
    • LupinRanger has the first female Yellow Ranger since ToQger.