The Sticker Comet is a comet the passes over the Mushroom Kingdom every year on the night of the annual Sticker Fest in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is home to the sticker fairy, Kersti, and it holds the wishes of all the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Princess Peach and the rest of the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom gather in Decalburg for the Sticker Fest which celebrates stickers. The Sticker Comet flies down from the sky for everyone to wish upon it. Bowser and his troops interrupt the festival in an attempt to steal the Sticker Comet to give him powers and make him stronger. A group of Toads attempt to hold Bowser back but accidentally send him flying into the comet, causing it to shatter into pieces that, with the six Royal Stickers, spread across the kingdom.

After Mario defeats Bowser and obtains the final Royal Sticker, he uses the power of the six Royal Stickers by wishing to return everything to normal. This returns everyone to the Sticker Fest stage, with the Sticker Comet repaired.

Known Victims who has touched a sticker comet and has a Royal Sticker on their head

  • Bowser
  • Nico Yazawa


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