In the OliverWestern Series, a Punishment is given to those who are very badly behaved, and have done something that is morally wrong. Below is the punishments used in the OliverWestern series.


Grounded is a punishment that is only used as a last rersort in the event of a Troublemaker being extremely badly behaved. This punishment is extremely common in Barnhurst Prison.

Loss of Privileges

The most common punishment in the OliverWestern Series is the loss of outdoor privileges, a Level 1 punishment. This means that they are forced to stay in their rooms for a set period of time ranging from one week, to six months.

Forced to do Things they Dislike

Although not as common as loss of privileges, this is a Level 2 punishment. Here, they can be forced to play games that they dislike, or do chores around the house. The maximum length for this punishment is six weeks.

Voice Change

This punishment is extremely rare, and is only done off-screen. Though some good guys have had their voices deliberately changed to show that they are getting older.

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