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Power Rangers Super Sentai

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Please do bear in mind, however, that on this page, we have listed some of the main Power Rangers images that are sometimes re-uploaded onto the wiki unintentionally; if you could use these images instead of uploading an image yourself, that would be greatly appreciated. You can just click on any of the images below to see what they are called and just add them onto your page.

Please note that this page only contains Rangers that have actually appeared in either Super Sentai or Power Rangers.

Picture wise, we have combined Fanon (photoshopped) and Canon together for the purpose of making them more TV accurate.

For Fan-made Power Rangers, please see Power Rangers Sentai (Fanon Version)

Power Rangers and Super Sentai



Battle Fever J


Sun Vulcan

Goggle V










ZyuRanger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Please note that the female Green Ranger is included due to Rita Repulsa being the Green Ranger in the 2017 movie, and Lord Drakkon is included due to being Canon in the Boom Comics, as well as the Green Ranger versions of the Power Rangers. Otherwise there are two male Green Rangers in this gallery due to the latter of the two being Bandai Exclusive. The 2017 Version of this team are also found here.

DaiRanger/Power Rangers 2

KakuRanger/Power Rangers 3 and Power Rangers of Aquitar

OhRanger/Power Rangers Zeo

CarRanger/Power Rangers Turbo

MegaRanger/Power Rangers in Space

Gingaman/Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

GoGoV/Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

TimeRanger/Power Rangers Time Force

GaoRanger/Power Rangers Wild Force

Hurricanger/Power Rangers Ninja Storm

AbaRanger/Power Rangers Dino Thunder

DekaRanger/Power Rangers SPD

MagiRanger/Power Rangers Mystic Force

Boukenger/Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

GekiRanger/Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Go-Onger/Power Rangers RPM

Shinkenger/Power Rangers (Super) Samurai

Goseiger/Power Rangers Megaforce

Gokaiger/Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Go-Busters/Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Kyoryuger/Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge


Ninninger/Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel



LupinRanger vs PatRanger