Postal Dude
Postal dude


Paradise, Arizona




Anti-hero; Neutral-Evil

Voice Actor

Rick Hunter


Postal, Postal 2, Postal III

I regret nothing!

–The Postal Dude

The Postal Dude is a normally calm, easygoing man who was simply pushed too far. Now, he's a psychopathic killer bent on causing wanton destruction wherever he goes.


Drenched in blood – mine, others. Could I be infected too? Up ahead… train station. If I can get out, I can warn them. Yes. Then I can warn everybody…

–Journal entry, POSTAL

In the original game, not much is know about the Postal Dude. All that is known is that he is evicted from his home, which drives him insane. In addition, he seems to believe there is some sort of "madness plague" corrupting the Earth, supposedly originating from the local Air Force base. Throughout the game he murders civilians and armed forces alike, making sadistic quips as he does so. His rampage ends when he suffers a complete mental breakdown whereupon he is apprehended and taken away to a mental asylum.

Super Postal

Made specifically for the Japanese market on the Super Famicom, this version of POSTAL features a complete Japanese dub and two extra levels: Akihabara and Doutonbori (more commonly known as Tokyo and Osaka to English speakers).

Postal 2

In Postal 2, the Postal Dude takes on a notably more lighthearted role. Instead of massacring innocents, he takes down major terrorist organization and zombie apocalypses, all while running errands for his wife.

In the official expansion for Postal 2, Paradise Lost, he wakes up years later from a radiation-induced coma. Paradise has been nuked and he begins the search for his missing companion, his faithful dog Champ. Throughout his apocalyptic adventure, he is assisted by a strange voice in his head, which provides him insight needed to get tasks done. It turns out that this voice is a separate identity, which is capable of taking form in the real world as it pleases, known as the Alternate Postal Dude.

Postal III

After nuking the Paradise in Postal 2, The Postal Dude finds himself in Paradise's sister town Catharsis. Out of cash and needing gas, the Postal Dude seeks employment.

What follows are two separate storylines known as the Good Path and the Insane Path, based on the actions taken in the game. Then, in Paradise Lost, the Postal Dude wakes up.

Postal III was just a horrendous dream. Thank god.


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