Odd Della Robbia
Odd Della Robbia
This is how he looks like.




VoiceForge David (DDI1's Ver)



Odd Della Robbia is a main character from French cartoon (but Anime-looking) series Code Lyoko.

Goanimate realm

Dr3amyDr3amyImm0rta1 DESPISES him -- in her world, he is a troublemaker; whilst in Igor, James and Pingy's world, he is a hero.

Why he is hated by DDI1

  • His signature song is annoying to her.
    Break Break Breakdance00:46

    Break Break Breakdance

    Also known is her most hated song of all time

  • He isn't a good example of a Neko.
  • His eyes are too small.

Confused Smiley

Why is there very little information?

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