Lucky Drillers is an episode by GensokyoAngel and CoolGamer23.



The episode opens with Susumu Takajima visiting FanonTown Hotel, who is soon greeted by Elise and Haru Doi. While there, Takajima discusses the legend of Prince Susumu Hori and his relationship with Konata, which causes Haru to ask "I don't recall you in a relationship with Konata, is this from another universe where there's a "Lucky Star Kingdom" or something?".

The scene then changes to a flashback in 1990, when Konata has developed a crush on him in the Drillimation universe, which then starts their relationship. Then the scene quickly cuts back to Haru, Susumu, and Elise, with Pingy running into the hotel, citing that Dr. Manhole is trying to take over FanonTown. Susumu soon says that according to one of Takajima's legends, Wataru Hoshi and Miyuki Takara had been friends for many years, since their encounter at a raceway in Guy City, Republic of Guy. Dr. Manhole soon attacks FanonTown, which results into the heroes running outside the hotel and attempt to fight him. Haru and Pingy's efforts to attack Dr. Manhole fail and Haru asks if there's a way to attack Dr. Manhole, Takajima takes out the Lightning Rod, as well using it to defeat Dr. Manhole.





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