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Kyu (2)



Kyu (HuniePop) is a HuniePop character.


"Though she is very old by human standards she is quite young in fairy years. Sexuality is a way of life for Kyu and her people. Love fairies are almost vampiric in their need for humans to sustain life; but it isn't blood that they suck. As a bisexual, Kyu is often attracted to the same girls you are and isn't afraid to tell you what she'd like to do to them. She even collects female underwear because, well, she just really likes the smell."- Game Description

Kyu treats the player in a friendly, supportive manner, although in the early game it is shown that she has no desire to conceal her judgements of the player's total lack of ability to communicate romantically with women. She is, however, glad to help them, and shows genuine desire to steer them right in their pursuit to improve their love life. Kyu casually flirts with the player along their journey, and also exposes her massive sexual appetite to them through interactions such as exchanging the Dirty Magazine and Tissue box with her for the Weird device and Kyu Plushie, respectively, and also through her enjoyment of sex toys as both common and unique gifts, and her picture messages, wherein she discovers the player's dirty magazine stash and implies she will be using them for sexual purposes, and her use of their washing machine to stimulate herself. When the player ends up dating Kyu, dates can be described as more of a test of the player's much-improved abilities, with an eventual reward of sex for performing satisfactorily. She is shown to have no real emotional involvement in her relationship with the player during their dates and sexual encounters and is highly casual in her morning-after greetings to them; the player's relationship with her is more of a "friends with benefits" arrangement with dates used as a way for her to check up on the player's progress, and also serve as a test that must be passed to bed her.

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