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(WIP)(This is a first look!)

Corn, Also known as Kingslayer Corn, is a genetically engineered assassin/super soldier created under the ruins of Endo China, to kill the evil king Boog.

Humble Beginnings

Corn was created by Dr. Brennenburg Xerxes on October 42nd, 2165, using the remains of Legend. Corn from birth was trained to kill, but he learned one thing they did not take into account- love. He fell in love with the videogame knack. No one liked knack, but everyone liked corn, so they let him marry knack on September 111, 2171. They had no kids.

Corn's first mission

Corn, in 2172, was assigned with the task of taking out Skeef, the creator of the videogame "Harry Potter and the fucking wizard." On the night of June 24th he set out to Karzlo-Khan, a floating castle located in the ruins of Old New Russia. Once there, he got into a firefight with Skeef, eventually mortally wounding him. Skeef, in his dying breath, told Corn that he should enjoy what little time he had left with knack, if he even could. Corn proceeded to run back to Endo China, arriving just in time to see a crowd of people with taste beat knack to death with blunt objects. Corn, for the first time in his life, felt sorrow.

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