Jigen Kuchiku-kan
Request for Pingy


The possessed citizens (as her minions), Cody (one-sided)


Everyone in Community City

Jigen Kuchiku-kan (次元駆逐艦?) is a dimension destroyer who wanted to destroy FanonTown and it's citizens, she is the true main antagonist of FanonLand: Animated Series, she has become the most popular FanonLand: Animated Series villain.

In Fanon

She is a stronger evil of Community City who wants to dominate the dimension and it's citizens, especially the League of High Class Villains, which she was once a part of, and is the true main antagonist of Community Plaza: The Series in Season 2 and onwards.

In FanonLand: Legends of the Aura Gem, she ended up teaming up with Garon, in the final level of the game, she betrays him afterwards, since she only works by herself, not others.


  • Possessed Citizens of Community City.

Kisekae Code



Taking over the world is like Taking candy from a baby!!!
I must finish you like mashed potatoes!!!
We must duel like dueling dragons on the skies!!!



  • Her personality and appearance is similar to both Bill Cipher and Dimentio's from Gravity Falls and Super Paper Mario.
    • They possess one of the main characters, Bill for Dipper, Dimentio for Luigi, and Jigen for Pingy.
    • They both betray the false main villains, Count Bleck for Dimentio, Lil Gideon for Bill, and Insaneriebiru Reedi for Jigen.
    • They all have seemingly unlimited power, but can be defeated.
    • They all have the ability to float.
  • It is unknown how Jigen lost her right eye.
  • Her design was created by Igor the Mii.
  • Jigen is never seen walking or standing but float.

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