Isami Asama
浅間 伊佐美



Isami Asama (浅間 伊佐美 Asama Isami?) is a character from Uwabami Breakers, which ZUN, the creator of Touhou Project, had involvement on it.


Originally, Isami's curry and alcohol tabs were getting quite high to pay, so she was afraid that she would have to eventually change jobs. One day however, she took an interest in a story her boss was telling about; a bar where all the serious drunks gather, called the Twilight Bar Room. It was said that if you drink there until morning, you'd see "A mysterious world of curtain fire..." So during the night, she encounters Tatsumi Hakkaisan the chief, Rumi Arie the landlady then Amakasu Barley Tenji the steward/dancer who each game her a danmaku battle through drunkenness. These can drink anyone under the table and make them fall, where they'll still come back due to their new menus, but not Isami. At the end of the game, she's shown to have "complete domination" (完全制覇 Kanzen seiha?), and begs Amakasu for more money so she can drink more. This proves that she can drink under the table, defying the "Uwabami Breakers".