Hidoidesu Baka warai
Remake of Pingy's OC
Redesign created by Igor the Mii


Hidoidesu Baka warai (酷いです馬鹿笑い?) is a villain OC created by Pingy Animatronic, she is good friends with Jigen Kuchiku-kan.


Hidoidesu was born in July 7, 2005, during childhood, her parents died, due to cancer, and she got sent to the orphanage, she gets picked on by the orphanage kids, and they keep bullying her non-stop, even in adulthood, which causes her to grow into a crazy, psychopath person that she is now today.


Being crazy at times, she speaks in Engrish (bad english), and it could be possible she can be a psychopath.

Kisekae Code



  • Her personality is similar to Fawful's from the Mario & Luigi games.

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