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Haru Doi
土肥 治
Haru Doi





  • July 24, 2001 (age 15)

Haru Doi (土肥 治 Doi Haru?) (Nicknames: Igor, Haru-san, Haruto) is the self-insert OC of GensokyoAngel.


Haru is a jokeful, yet serious boy who sometimes acts really perverted. Though he can be really sadist at times. Will call out people for mistakes they make. He has a habit of saying "Ze~". Despite his perviness, he can scold those who act pervy to women who don't want them.


Pingy the Ice Koopa
Best friend.
Elise (Fire Emblem Fates)
Seitkeina Taiyo
Both are good pals.
Mari Kirigaya



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