Guro Art Panic is the 15th episode of season 2 of FanonLand: Animated Series.

Plot Summary

After discovering some suggestive but gory art of Kirito, Aki Taiyo is left mentally scared and Momiji Inubashiri  has to comfort her while Sanae Kochiya tries to find the artist behind the pictures.



  • [The episodes begins with Aki Taiyo browsing the internet on her laptop in the Taiyo Household, in her room.]
  • Aki: "Hmm, what should I be looking for..."
  • [She browses Fanonbook. She notices she has a message from Azusa Toshino. She opens the message and shockingly gasps]
  • Aki: [shockingly gasps] "W-What is this? She sent me art of Kirito being..." [she faints.]
  • [Seitekina and Atsuko walk into Aki's room]
  • Seitekina: "Imouto! Are you alright?"
  • Atsuko: [she looks at Aki's laptop screen] "Oh my god, Azusa Toshino sent her a picture of gory picture of Kirito being...I cannot describe it with words!"
  • [Meanwhile, in the Toshino household, we see Azusa Toshino.]
  • Azusa: "Nothing is better than shocking other people with guro...hehe..."


  • Fanonbook is a obvious parody of Facebook.