The Flutter Jump (also known as Hover in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and the flutter kick in Super Mario 64 DS) is a characteristic jump technique used by various characters throughout the Mario franchise and the Yoshi series. It can be used to prolong descending after a jump and to keep a character airborne temporarily. The Flutter Jump has a distinctive appearance and is executed by rapidly moving one's legs and in some cases one's arms as well, until the character starts to float and "walk" on air. This technique can be utilized to reach remote locations, or simply to rescue a character from a bottomless pit.

The Flutter Jump was first used by Yoshi and seemed like an ability exclusively available for their species alone, similar to the Ground Pound. During the different installments however, other characters were shown to be able to perform a Flutter Jump, such as Luigi, Ludwig von Koopa or Baby Bowser Koopa.

Characters who are able to use Flutter Jump in Fanon


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