Fantasy Dome Rivalary is a fictional game by the user Igor the Mii. It is a Touhou-themed fangame, with the cast representing different series and users.



In the world of FandomLand, near Suika Ibuki (Represents the series iDOLM@STER and the user Igor the Mii)'s household, she is visited by Reimu Hakurei (Represents the series Super Mario and the user Oliverwestern), who is willing to talk about a certain new citzen arriving in the FandomLand City. Knocks are heard, and the door opens, revealing Cirno (Represent of the series Love Live! and Sonic the Hedgehog, and the user Pingy Animatronic), who asks who Suika and Reimu represent, upon reciving answers, Suika hides behind Reimu, scared Cirno may attack her, only to Cirno reveal that she wants to pull an end to several fandom rivalships.


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