FanonLand Power Tennis (formerly known as GoAnimate Power Tennis) is a game developed by Pingy Game Productions, it is inspired by the 2004 game Mario Power Tennis

Intro Transcript

  • [A Ball is flying towards Pingy and Igor]
  • [Pingy hits the ball back]
  • [Chrome and KK try to hit the ball but they fail]
  • [Pingy and Igor cheer]
  • [However, KK and Chrome are angry.]
  • [Lrrr is looking at the camera of the court]
  • [Lrrr looks Angry]
  • [Cut to Flandre Dome]
  • [Chrome and KK spots the player's billboards]
  • [Chrome and KK draws silly eyes on Pingy and Igor's]
  • [The Police arrives]
  • [The Police chases Chrome and KK all around the stadium]
  • [Suddenly, KK and Chrome find a door]
  • W.I.P

Playable Characters




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