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FanonLand: Animated Series' is a fictional series by the users GensokyoAngel, KingFawful2017, Megy Teckhonia  and Oliverwestern.

FanonLand: Animated Series

Created by

GensokyoAngel, KingFawful2017, Oliverwestern, Megy Teckhonia


10 (20 episodes per season discounting specials and movies)

Series Summary

In the land of FanonLand, several characters from several series live in a town named FanonTown.





Season 1

  1. Beginning: Igor, Pingy, and Oliverwestern move to a Town named FanonTown.
  2. Shrek meets the μ's: Shrek's attempt to join the μ's fails terribly.
  3. New Maid:  Felicia offers to be Igor's maid despite her clumsiness, but as days passes by, Igor develops a crush on Felicia.
  4. Would you Nep an Awesome Sauce?: Honoka and Neptune enter a cooking competition. It takes them by surprise when they learn that Noire and Haruka Amami are in the competition.
  5. Love Triangle of War: Camilla and Eli Ayase become love rivals to conquer Seitekina Taiyo's heart.
  6. Rival Kingdoms gather Peaches and Berries Together: After Takumi and Leo are tricked to eat Stupid Sushi, The Hoshido and Nohr Kingdoms have to work together to gather as many Nohr Berries and Hoshido Peaches.
  7. Pingy & Igor at the Fatenderpool UK 2016 Games: TBA
  8. Critical Terror on Judgement: A Villain group named League of Villains and Evil Characters is formed.
  9. Drumming Attention: Ritsu Tainaka attempts to teach Nico Yazawa how to play drums.
  10. Nightbugging Night Sparrow: Wriggle Nightbug and Mystia Lorelei roam around FanonTown during Nighttime, however, Keine Kamishirasawa and Reimu Hakurei try to capture the two.
  11. The Inabi Twins who represent Water and Winter: Iason Inabi, a Serious kamidere teenage boy and his twin sister, Nina Inabi, who is a timid kuudere teenage girl, decide to move to FanonTown. Setsuna notices Nina and attempts to talk to her. The Inaba lunar rabbits, Tewi Inaba and Reisen Udongein Inaba, get intrested on the Inabi twins.
  12. Stupid Sushi Rain: Thanks to Cirno messing with a Weather machine, Stupid Sushi begins to rain on FanonTown, leading to unlucky victims to become stupid like Cirno.
  13. Help Me, Eirin!: Kaguya Houraisan badly injuries herself and Eirin has to take care of her, but soon has to get Compa's help.
  14. Shopping Spree: Igor, Oliver, and Pingy go shopping in FanonTown's Shopping Mall.
  15. SAVE the Birthdays (Also known as Sonic, Cirno and Honoka Generations): A Time, dimension traveling Cirno from an alternative dimension known as "Timirno" (a literal pun of "Cirno" and "Time") arrives to the fanonverse to warn Igor and Pingy that an evil monster known as Time Eater is attempting to ruin Sonic and Honoka's birthday.
  16. Archer Duel: Umi Sonoda challenges Takumi to a archer duel.
  17. Panaberu: Hanayo Koizumi and Vert have a talk with each other, but it is soon interrupted by Nico Yazawa and Blanc, which results in Rika and Yuuka Kazami needing to solve the situation.
  18. Mansion of Ghosts: When Mario and Yui Hirasawa are sealed in a haunted mansion, and due to Igor suggesting to his friends that they should give Lunasa Prismriver and Reimu Hakurei a break, Mio Akiyama and Luigi have to enter the haunted mansion and save Mario and Yui.
  19. Lunatic Moon: Part I: The League of Villains and Evil Characters seem to be up with destroying the moon, but it seems they're not the only ones who are up to it...
  20. Lunatic Moon: Part II (Season Finale): It's revealed that [Insert OC Villains here] were also up to take over the world, and they also want to wipe out everyone else who isn't an villain.

Season 2

  1. FanonTown GO: Several Citzens are playing Pokémon GO, and due to Eirin Yagokoro, and Professor Willow working in a experiment, Pokémon start appearing around FanonTown.
  2. The Pingy and Tsundere Girl: Pingy plans to flirt with Maki Nishikino, citing that Maki is hot, but she thinks he is a pervert, and pingy's plans fails terribly. Irina Taiyo ends up annoyed with Pingy, and attempts to make him stay away from Maki.
  3. Meilingtsu: Hong Meiling meets Chinatsu Yoshikawa, though Sakuya Izayoi and Kyoko Toshino are secretly stalking them, for their own reasons. (With Kyoko's reason being her obsession with Chinatsu and Sakuya wondering why Meiling isn't gatekeeping the Scarlet Devil Mansion that day.)
  4. Pingy's Job Hours: When he sees a new amiibo, Pingy decides to have a job.
  5. Yaoi Fangirl VS. Yuri Fangirl: Battle of the Fictional Homosexual Shipping!Chitose Ikeda and Vert engage in a battle to who's the better yaoi/yuri fangirl.
  6. The Koopa King that decided to kidnap a Tsundere: Bowser kidnaps Maki Nishikino, so Pingy and Irina Taiyo are forced to team up and save Maki Nishikino together.
  7. Outlaw Mirakurun Duet!: Sagume Kishin and Ringo form a duet together to prove that they're truly loyal to Niles and Kyoko Toshino.
  8. FanonTown Street Night Party: Igor, Pingy, and Oliver host a Huge party in the streets of FanonTown.
  9. Problemmatic Younger Sibling Attachment!: Disgusted with Akane Akaza's obsession on her own younger sister, Satori Komeiji and Patchouli Knowledge try to reduce Akane's obsession.
  10. Burger Frenzy: Part I: Pingy the Ice Koopa decides to eat at FanonTown Burgers every day, but he gets sick, which leads to Igor, Eirin and Dr. Mario to suggest him to eat fruits and vegetables.
  11. Burger Frenzy: Part II: Pingy the Ice Koopa, Honoka Kousaka, Rin Hoshizora, and Nico Yazawa keep eatting at FanonTown Burgers every day, which results in Umi Sonoda, Eirin Yagokoro, Dr. Mario and Igor the Mii to persuade them to eat healthy food.
  12. Bacteria Spreads: Baikinman, Dokinchan, and Kokinchan are spreading bacteria all over FanonTown, so Eirin Yagokoro and Compa must create anidotes to cure the victims.
  13. Wizard Wars!: Kamek, Marisa Kirisame, and Nyx compete against each other on a wizard battle!
  14. Bowser's High School Castle: Bowser has taken over Otonokizaka High School, so the heroes try to figure out a way to defeat him and the Koopa Troops.
  15. Guro Art Panic: After discovering some suggestive but gory art of Kirito, Aki Taiyo is left mentally scared and Momiji Inubashiri  has to comfort her while Sanae Kochiya tries to find the artist behind the pictures.


  1. Lucky Drillers: Lucky Star x Mr. Driller Episode.


Spin-Offs of the show are adapted from the franchise.


These are spinoffs created by those who work on the FanonLand: Animated Series.