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Excutement of a Maid is a fanfiction by the user Igor the Mii. It focuses on three characters: Iason Inabi, Mio Akiyama, and Xander (Fire Emblem Fates). It takes on Igor's FanonLand Fire Emblem AU. It's non-canon to the AU, however.

Plot Summary

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Xander, the king of Nohr, orders the excutement of the maid Mio Akiyama, but Iason Inabi tries to prevent it, but terribly fails.



It was a dark day in the kingdom of Nohr. Inside the Castle, Xander was clearly angry at one of his maids, Mio Akiyama.

"Sorry master! I wasn't meant to break the tea sets!" Mio apogolized to Xander, but it did not affect what Xander was currently feeling for Mio.

"Excuses, excuses and excuses! I'm really tired of your fucking mistakes, Mio!" Xander angrily shouted at Mio.

"But-" Mio tried to say, but was interrupted by Xander's shouting.

"NO BUTS! I DEMAND A EXCUTAMENT!" Xander shouted once again. Camilla and Kamui were pushing in a Gullotine to the Throne room minutes later, while Flora and Felicia were holding Mio by the arms.

"I-I don't wanna die!" Mio cried.