Chibi version of Chii along with her actual form.

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Chii (智伊?) is an original character belonging to Cirno2012.


Actual Form

Chii's actual form is a very small creature who is white and fluffy, Chii also has a small tail on her back, Chii's tail is short, which means she is a female.

Human Form

Chii's human form is supposedly a teenaged girl with long white hair, small bust, small bum, blue eyes, and a big smile.


Chii often speaks in 3rd person, She is very stubborn and forceful but is obedient when her Master is involved. She is selfish and likes having things her own way. She is ashamed of this and is trying to change herself for the sake of her Master. Chii is lazy and slacks off during her "so called job, going to school so Chii can stalk Master".

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