Break Over - Fate Sealing is a fictional Bullet Hell/Shoot em' up game by the user Igor the Mii.


Slightly inspired on the Touhou Project Fangame Concealed the Conclusion, Remilia Scarlet Accidentally changed the fate of the world, meaning it will end in 4 hours, it's up to the heroes to reach the Scarlet Devil Mansion to attempt to change the fate of the world.


Silimar to the Touhou Project games, the player has to avoid bullets while shooting his/her own bullets. A special spell, called "Bomb", can be used to remove all bullets and enemies from the stage while dealing considerable damage towards the boss, if used during a battle aganist a boss.

Slimar to Touhou 8: Inperishable Night, there is a timer that appears when the player either completes a stage or continues after a game over.  The in-game timer starts at 8:00 PM. Completing the stage is worth advancing 30 minutes, while continuing is worth 15 minutes. When the in-game timer hits 12:00 PM, the bad ending occurs.

Playable Characters


All Routes

  • Stage 5 Midboss: Hong Meiling
  • Stage 5 Boss: Sakuya Izayoi
  • Stage 6 Boss: Remilia Scarlet

Route A (Igor-A)

  • Stage 1A Midboss: Nina Inabi
  • Stage 1A Boss: Letty Whiterock
  • Stage 2A Midboss: Iason Inabi
  • Stage 2A Boss: Mystia Lorelei
  • Stage 3A Boss: Doremy Sweet
  • Stage 4A Boss: Pingy Animatronic

Route B (Pingy-A)

  • Stage 1B Midboss: Nico Yazawa
  • Stage 1B Boss: Tewi Inaba
  • Stage 2B Midboss/Boss: Rumia
  • Stage 3B Boss: Alice Margatroid
  • Stage 4B Boss: Igor the Mii

Route C (Igor-B)


Route D (Pingy-B)


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