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Bowser Jr.
The Koopalings
Koopa Troops


Princess Peach
Princess Daisy
Princess Rosalina
Blastoise (One-sided on Blastoise' side)

King Bowser Koopa (or King Koopa in the DiC cartoons) is a Villain in the Super Mario Bros series. He is the King of Dark Land. His oldest son, Bowser Jr., is the heir to the throne.

It should be noted tbat some of his army had previously served under Wart of Subcon.

Like Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach (then Princess Toadstool), Bowser has been in the Super Mario series since the beginning.

He is the Main Antagonist in the Super Mario series, though he has been portrayed as a Protagonist in a few video games. He has been shown to have some good in him, one just have to look deep down for it.


Bowser is currently voiced by Kenny James. He was priously voiced by the late Harvey Atkin, Christopher Hewett, Christopher Collins, Patrick Pinney, Mark Graue, Scott Burns and Eric Newsome.

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