Bobby Barrows
Artwork of Bobby from Clock Tower


Barrows Mansion






Clock Tower

There are twin children who are a blemish on this world. When the lady was to give birth, I was called to this house. She gave birth to two child... no, demons.

–Dr. Walter Simpson, Clock Tower

Bobby Barrows is Mary Barrows' creepy, deformed child who stalks Jennifer around the Barrows mansion, trying to murder her with a pair of oversized scissors. He is kept alive by the magic of the clock tower in the mansion, which freezes time in areas within its influence, as the real world rejects such a horrifying being. When Jennifer restarts the clock tower at the game's climax, dispelling its magic, Bobby is driven off a balcony and falls to his death.

Bobby is brutal, sadistic and merciless, as he has murdered many innocent people without any mercy or remorse, presumably due to him being a demon, a being of pure malice.

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