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Blossom Extreme Eternity is an Aikatsu band created by Sarah West.


Blossom Extreme Eternity is a band consisting of five members: Amy Pierce, Elsa Patton, Flora Stevens, Jasmine Ortiz, and Daphne Grant.



Amy is the lead singer of the band. She's a cheerful, gung-ho girl, who's always willing to help out friends and strangers alike. She's very straight-forward, and sometimes has difficulty understanding certain situations, but her determination and hard work allow her to overcome any and all obstacles that hinder her.


Elsa is a calm and bright girl. She is very intelligent, possessing an encyclopedic knowledge and excellent analysis skills. She is determined to do things perfectly and can sometimes be very serious when accomplishing it.


Flora is a quiet, independent girl with a professional air about her. She is multi-talented and mature but she has a short tether and does not like being pestered. Despite this, Flora is a kind person. She is humble about who she is as a person and idol, despite her popularity.


Jasmine is a very calm, polite, and soft-spoken girl. She is very friendly and a hard worker.


Daphne is a clumsy, somewhat nervous, yet cheerful girl. She is also quite resilient and is able to quickly recover from her mistakes.


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