Beginning is the first episode of FanonLand: Animated Series.


Plot Summary

Igor, Oliver, and Pingy move to FanonTown upon leaving GoCity.


  • [The episode opens with Igor, Pingy and Oliver having a talk in the streets of GoCity]
  • Igor: "I can't handle GoCity anymore, man, there's a lot of unsupportable citzens!"
  • Pingy: "I have to agree with Igor, this city is unsupportable!"
  • Oliverwestern: "We need to move to FanonTown."
  • [A Question Mark appears above Igor's head]
  • Igor: "FanonTown?"
  • Oliverwestern: "Of course!" It's a town found in the Fanonverse!"
  • Igor: "Yea, but how we're going to go to Fanonverse?"
  • Oliverwestern: "We should ask who's moving there."
  • [Hanayo Koizumi and Mario walk past Igor, Pingy and Oliverwestern, Igor dashes towards the two and asks them a question.]
  • Igor: "Are you guys going to FanonTown?"
  • Hanayo: "Of course! We're both tired of GoCity..."
  • Igor: "Pingy, Oliverwestern, and I are tired of GoCity too, but how we're going there? Fanonverse is in another universe, and we're on GoVerse right now!"
  • Mario: "Theres-a-portal outside GoCity who will transport us to the Fanonverse, near FanonTown!"
  • Igor: "Oh!"
  • [Igor turns towards Oliverwestern and Pingy]
  • Igor: "There's a Portal that will teleport us to Fanonverse! Let's go!"
  • [Igor, Pingy, Oliver, Mario and Hanayo walk away of GoCity and notice a portal.]
  • Igor: "But wouldn't GoAnimators try to invade it?"
  • Mario: "The portal will not let any GoAnimators enter it."
  • Igor: "Then in that case..."
  • [Igor enters the portal, then Oliver, then Pingy, then Mario, and then finally Hanayo]
  • [The portal closes]
  • Pingy: "Whoooooaaaa!"
  • [The five exit though the portal exit, who is located near FanonTown, all of them land in foot, except Igor, who landed head first]
  • Igor: [As he pulls out his head out of the ground] "Is this the Fanonverse?"
  • Oliverwestern: "Seems like it."
  • [Pingy notices a sign saying "Welcome to FanonTown!"."]
  • Pingy: "This is the place, Oliver!"
  • Oliverwestern: "I guess we arrived in the right place."
  • Igor: "Exactly."
  • [The five enter FanonTown, Igor looks around the streets, with several citzens from francishes being in several places]
  • Igor: "Oh cool! This town is really big, and there's several characters on it, too!"
  • [Pingy runs, looking for a manor.]
  • Igor: "Wait, Pingy!"
  • [Igor follows Pingy]
  • [Pingy finds an unowned manor]
  • Pingy: "This is where i'll live from now on!"
  • [Igor finally catches on with Pingy, he's breathing heavily]
  • Igor: "P-Pingy, i had to follow you there..." 
  • [Toadsworth is guarding the unowned Manor]
  • Toadsworth: "Oh, are you Pingy?"
  • Pingy: "Yes, i am."
  • Toadsworth: "Hello, you may already know me, but i am Toadsworth, and this is an unowned manor, normally, it costs 1 thousand dollars, but since you're the 50th person intrested on the manor, you get it for free!"
  • Pingy: "Oh, cool! I'm taking it!"
  • [Toadsworth takes out the key to the manor and gives it to Pingy, who proceeds to unlock the gate.]
  • Pingy: "Igor, come in!"
  • [Pingy runs into the Manor while Igor patiently walks to the Manor.]
  • Igor: "Wow, it's cool."
  • Pingy: "I know, right?"
  • [Igor nods, and walks out of the manor, and walks in the streets of FanonTown, and he bumps into Hanayo Koizumi.]
  • Igor: "Sorry, Hanayo-chan!"
  • Hanayo: "I-It's alright, i guess."
  • Igor: "I need somewhere to live."
  • Hanayo: "Okay..."
  • [Igor walks in the streets and Hanayo follows him, until Igor finds the FanonTown Hotel. Igor looks upwards.]
  • Igor: "Wow..."
  • [Igor and Hanayo walk in.]
  • Igor: "Intresting."
  • Hayato Kuroki: "Welcome to FanonTown Hotel! How i can help you?"
  • Igor: "I'd like to live there."
  • Hanayo: "M-me too..."
  • Hayato Kuroki: "Sure thing! It will be 50$ to live there."
  • [Igor and Hanayo hand Hayato 50$, and Hayato passes both room keys]
  • Igor: "Thanks."
  • [He and Hanayo head to the rooms, Igor is looking for room 14]

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