s 2017-2018 Web show The story goes A Woman Name Sacred Doll Where A AU (Alternate Universe) Amazons(From the 2016 Web show Called Kamen Rider Amazons) Is a Amazon Hunter  Along with her Sister(That Dead),Cherrica(who an Amazon), Sacred Fire and Sacred Heart and They Hunts Amazons until They Ment Him A Amazon


Sacred Doll AU Amazon

Sacred Doll: Is a 18 Year old who Is A Amazon Hunter Half Human Half Doll. She Also Blind in one eye. Lost her Mother To Amazon on her 16th Birthday. Also Lost her Sister  to an Amazons 2 days Before her 17th Birthday Was Put in a Orphanage when she was 18 she was Adopted by them.

Cherrica: She a Smart Amazon.</p>

Sacred Fire: Is Sacred Dol's Friend Who is Also a Amazon Hunter. </p>

Sacred Heart: Also Sacred Doll Friend and a Amazon Hunter

???: is A Amazon 

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