Alternate Postal Dude
The Alternate Postal Dude as he appears in Postal III







Voice Actor

Corey Cruise


Postal III, Postal 2 (Paradise Lost)

The Alternate Postal Dude is a bizarre, imperfect facsimile of the Postal Dude and the main protagonist of Postal III.



The Alternate Postal Dude was a demon created by the Russian game development company Akella. Having witnessed the Postal Dude's powers of destruction, they set out to create an entity capable of putting an end to him once and for all. Having made many sacrifices in an attempt to create the ultimate Postal Dude, they finally ended up with an incompetent, weird-voiced moron who was barely a shadow of what they'd intended to create. Or so they'd thought.

One day, Akella's security management received frantic signals coming from the labs. It was not a pretty sight. Glass and blood lay about the ground. The corpses of their friends were rended apart, the bare muscle and sinew of severed limbs glistening against their flashlights and the sweet scent of the dead and dying permeated the dark halls.

One brave guard dared go ahead when the others fled. It proved to be a fatal mistake when a whirling storm of a creature, having finally caught up with its prey, appeared from beyond the dark corridor and drew its weapon, a beautiful steel machine of death.

The last thing he heard before the hot steel tore through his chest was,

"Ah, uh, I regret nothin'!"


Alternate Postal Dude is the most wickedly intelligent of all Postal Dudes. He is also extremely patient, evidenced by his hiding out in Postal Dude's head until it was the right time to reveal himself. He is the only one of the Dudes who appears to be an outright sociopath, as, unlike the other Postal Dudes, he kills remorselessly and efficiently without any reason, rather than "going postal" due to emotional turmoil.

He deliberately maintains a dumb, ignorant facade to trick others into underestimating his cruelty. For that reason, others tend to detest him for his apparent stupidity. He doesn't resent anyone for this and barely even understands the concept of holding a grudge, and only waits for the right time to drop his disguise and strike.

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